Still procrastinating…


It seems I am on target for creating one post a month. Hopefully, I will make it a habit to stop by more often.

We are going to PAX again this year! I am so excited. So, so excited. I think about it almost every day. Last year was our first attendance to PAX and it was literally the most fun I’ve ever had in my entire life.
For those of you who don’t know what PAX is, it’s a convention held in Seattle every year in which nerds and geeks alike gather in masses to rub shoulders and play games. Games, games and more games. Video games, card games, tabletop games, indie games, dice games – GAMES! And when the exhibition hall closes, there are sponsored parties in which free booze is flowing and free food keeps coming. Umm, awesome!
PAX was created by a group called Penny Arcade. Mike and Jerry are amazingly generous people and they’ve created one amazing cooperation.
Several moments stick out in my mind from last year:
Acquisitions Incorporated: Wil Wheaton, Scott Kurtz, Mike Krahulik and Jerry Holkins sit down to play a game of Dungeons and Dragons. And to top it off, their DM is Chris Perkins – the GOD of Dungeon Mastering. I could listen to him DM for hours. He is so amazingly creative. And the entire group is hilarious. Their dynamic is awesome. The bad part about Acquisitions Inc. is that it’s hugely popular. The lines were quite long, but I did get there pretty early. We were all set outside in a closed off street, and eventually the sun creeped over the high-rises and provided a ton of light and HEAT. Oh man, that part was miserable. Next time, I know to bring water. Lots of water. 
Dragon Age Panel:
I had a slight inkling that something special might happen at this panel. All my friends know that I am kind of in love with Felicia Day. I think she is amazing and I admire her greatly. I knew that she was creating a web series called Dragon Age Redemption that she based off the game, but I also knew that she was not listed as one of the special guests of PAX. My fiancée wanted to nap, so I took a leap of faith and stood/sat in line for a couple hours (What’s nice about the waiting in lines at PAX is that everyone there is like you. Geeky, nerdy, some are social awkward – but they open up there. It’s amazing and makes waiting in line for 2-3 hours tolerable.) I sat down and counted the chairs and watched as the creators and writers came to sit and noticed one was empty! A large SQUEE rang inside my head as I presumptuously assumed it was for Felicia. Not far into the panel, they began to talk about the web serious Felicia was creating. A louder SQUEE screamed in my head. And sure enough, she came walking in. OMG, OMG, OMG, OMG – was the text I sent to my fiancée, and he knew exactly that it meant.
I couldn’t even tell you want was said the rest of the panel, as I was completely star struck by seeing her. ❤ When the panel ended, I put on my tryhard pants and walked up to her asking if I could get a picture. She informed me that should would be at Wil Wheaton’s booth the following day for autographs and pictures. SQUEEEEE!
My wonderful fiancée then sat in that line the next day for a couple hours as I waited to officially meet her. (Man, I totally sound like a desperate fangirl. I promise I am completely normal.) I finally got up to meet her, and I could hardly talk. But, I did get a picture with her. 🙂 My fiancée wasn’t as interested as I was, but he did walk up to the table and told her “You just made her entire year.” then continued on. ❤ him.Image

This year, we were super lucky to even get badges. The system crashed almost immediately due to congestion, but we got our badges. When the system came back up a week later, the badges sold out in less than 5 hours. 5 hours?!?! It took 21 days last year for the badges to sell out. Holy crappola!
We were also lucky to get booked at the Sheraton. YAYER! Right across the street from the Convention Center. Our entire group got rooms there. This year is going to be amazing. 3 months won’t go by fast enough.

Gamer fun!:
I have been slacking on trying new games lately. Diablo 3 came out and I have a key for a digital copy, but I have yet to download the client. I was so excited to finally hear a release date after years of development, so I am unsure as to why I still haven’t tried it out. Shame on me. I should start the download tonight.

I go through periods where WoW is all I am interested in. It sucks you in. I can quit cold turkey for a few months, but that one time you think “I’ll log in to see if some friends are online.” doesn’t turn into just seeing if friends are online. You want to explore either new content, accomplish more achievements – and say goodbye to the idea of signing of shortly after if there’s a holiday going on. Those holiday quests and dungeons can get you pets and/or mounts! Grind, grind, farm, grind! Gotta catch them all!

So, with that said – I have been sucked back into PvP. During Burning Crusade, PvP was all I did. More specifically, Alterac Valley. Alliance always won Alterac Valley. And with 40 opponents, HK goes through the roof. When WotLK came out, I then transitioned into raiding. I had never been a part of a regular raid group. I would occasionally go to Kara if a friend needed an extra DPS (How often does that happen?), but as far as the whole organized group dynamic – totally uncharted territory for me.
After a couple months of running Naxx, I became the “Raid Leader” and held that title for a few months… I believe until Ulduar was released. Never again. A different, mean side of me came out when I was Raid Leader. I would get angry, frustrated and eventually exhausted from trying to coordinate 25 people. So, I quit. Much to the distain of other guild mates, but so be it.
I then began trying arenas with a good friend. We were new to the whole arena scene. A mage and a warrior. Definitely fun times and frustrating times. I specifically remember one match in the Ruins of Lordearon in which it was myself (the mage) and a shadow priest left alive, running in circles around the tomb in the center. For literally 5-10 minutes. One would start casting, and the other would break LoS. I was eventually screaming by the end of the match. Hilarious to think back on now and I wish I had a PVR recording. She could heal herself full. I could Iceblock then Evocate health back or bandage. Mirror Image would throw her off for a moment – but in the end, my Zwink perished.
Currently, I am completely burnt out on Dragon Soul, so I am now back into PvP. I am totally appreciating the new interface for PvP queues. The upside of ‘Random Battleground’ is the bonus Honor Points and daily Conquest Points but the downside is getting into a BG you hate. There are things I like and dislike about each BG, but I hate Isle of Conquest with a passion. I would rather take the 15 minute Deserter consequence than deal with the lack of coordination in that stupid place.
Honor Point gear is fairly easy to obtain if you can win a few matches in a row. Conquest – eh, takes a while. At this point, I am trying to fill every slot with Season 11 gear and slide back into arenas. Our arena team name – It Burns When We PvP. Classy, huh?

No new tattoos to speak of. I have several drawings that I would like to consult with my artist on – but all extra money is allocated to our PAX fund. Maybe, just maybe, for my birthday in August, I will get monies for a tattoo for a gift certificate for a tattoo. I am lucky that my parents are pretty cool about the tattoos. Actually, my dad’s not a huge fan but my stepmom loves tattoos. The large tattoo on my arm was partially paid for by her for a Christmas present. 🙂

Foodie stuff:
I haven’t dined out much lately or attempted to expand my culinary skills. I tried to go vegetarian for a while in attempt to help some health issues I have, but it didn’t work out so well. It didn’t seem to help and I missed bacon. Who can live without bacon?!
I also received a note in the mail, on a prescription paper, from my father’s doctor telling me to chill out on the fanciful, rich cooking for him. Pops has had several heart surgeries. Oops. I was narked on. I should be looking out better for him. Whenever I go to my parent’s house, I cook a large meal for us. I guess I will be making more salads.

Quite a long post – I just need to come more often and break these down into smaller posts.

I hope everyone’s Spring is starting out fantastically!

~Sevy Jane