Popping the blog cherry…

The title pretty much explains it. I have never even subscribed to a blog let alone written one. This is completely uncharted territory for me. Hooray for jumping in with both feet!

With that said, let me explain a little about myself, what I plan to write about and why I feel the need to express what I do.

I am a geek. A nerd – however you’d like to say it. By definition, a nerd or a geek is a socially inept, unattractive person who excels in scientific or technical pursuits. I don’t believe that is how most people feel when they hear that term; currently and in recent past. Maybe that’s just me, though. I feel a slight ping of pride when I am referred to as a geek. Also, I’d like to think I’m a pretty cute geek. I thoroughly enjoy my hobbies and interests. I’m elated to have found them. Like millions before me, I struggled for years to figure out who I am. Now that I have, I let my geek flag fly at full mast at all times.

There is one part of the definition that is extremely broad. ‘Someone who excels in scientific or technical pursuits’. This can be applied to almost anything! How awesome is that?! There are several things I enjoy that will fall into the category of stereotypical geeky interests. Video games, RPG & tabletop gaming, computers, etc.. I would also consider myself a geek for many other things; cooking,  tattoos, fine dining, cars, music and more. These are all things I geek out on.  Passionately.

I understand there are people who will use those terms in a derogatory fashion. There will always be people who find joy or humor in making people who have ‘different’ interests feel inferior, small, weak and lesser than they. To the contrary, my friends! It’s one thing to think a certain way, but it’s another to waste the energy in actively trying to make people feel bad for who they are. Regardless, there will always be those people. Fine with me! No skin off my back. Leave the geeks to their geekiness and move along. The exit is that-a-way.

In regards to an earlier statement, my blog will be about all the things I geek out on. Video games, tabletop and RPG gaming, gaming conventions, cooking, fine dining, music and anything I may get myself wound up in. I’ll even share pictures of said items!
I sometimes get overly excited about new projects or activities that eventually don’t pan out to be lifelong hobbies. There will probably be plenty of those but I can guarantee the aforementioned topics will be a constant. Also, and I should apologize ahead of time, there will probably be little drawings that will make any 5 year old look like Michelangelo. The artist, not the TNMT.

In closing, I look forward to sharing my adventures with everyone. I will attempt to post on a schedule once I get a handle on this new outlet. If you share some, one or all of the same interests, I hope this blog will be a routine stop for you. 🙂

Pew Pew, SevyJane out!