Clearly, I haven’t written since my first post. Nothing momentous to explain why. Mostly, nervous to provide content that is interesting to read and to keep people drawn in.
I’ll touch on several topics my blog is about.

1. Tattoos:
I finally completed the larger piece in my forearm. It took two different artists and a few sessions to get to something beautiful. Now, it’s nothing like the image I had in my head to begin with, but it’s beautiful nonetheless. The story is long, but I don’t want to go about throwing anyone under any buses.


Unfortunately, the image is upside down and I’m too tired to fix it. 🙂

I went through a phase recently and ended up with like 3 tattoos total in a matter of a couple months. And I already have at least two more in mind. To say that tattoos are addicting is an understatement. I guess I’m just a glutton for punishment. Here are the other two.



These just add to my collection which is somewhere in the teens. I vow to be a little old lady covered with wrinkled ink. Tattoos will always be a huge passion of mine – Sorry Dad. 😉

2. Gaming:
I decided to hang up my WoW cloak for a bit and try out SW:TOR. Initially, I was impressed and was definitely intrigued by the different story lines associated with each class. And of course, who doesn’t like being in control of a light saber?
The leveling, for me, was slow. Finding groups for quests and dungeons was near impossible. I know I can be introverted at times and maybe that’s why I had trouble, but I have yet to even step foot in a dungeon.
The mounts are interesting and fun. I was sad to see I couldn’t get a Speeder until max level.
The player interface is definitely user friendly but the “Auction House”, as I like to call it, needs a ton of work. You can’t even manually type in items to search for. Weak sauce.
The PvP system is fun with different types of matches than I was used to. It seems the only way to win is to have a fixed group. Again, never won a match. The gear you can obtain through PvP isn’t limited to that type of game play like WoW. There’s no resilience or anything like that which is what made PvP more intriguing to me.
The mods, hilts, armor enchantments, etc. for gear can be a bit confusing and hard to keep up with. Same as enhancements for your ship.
That brings me to the ship combat. Lots of fun. Harder to keep up with the higher level quests if you’re not on top of your ship mods.
Overall, I am having a hard time staying engaged. I haven’t played in a couple weeks and I’m not missing it.

Skylanders: … Addicting! The creators of this game are marketing geniuses, too. My partner and I have already put in way more money than we’d like to admit on characters. Having one single character bound to one gamertag? Brilliant for them. When we discover one we both love, we then have to buy another. Jackpot for Activision.
I think the little portal is adorable and I’m loving the different abilities between each little toon.
For a game labeled for 6 years and up, this 26 and 32 year old are probably having too much fun.

WoW: I will always have a longstanding love affair with WoW. No matter what game I find, I will always go back to WoW.
Right now is the Noble Garden holiday. Nothing like camping spots in Goldshire for eggs with 200 other people. As a guild mate put it, they should call it “Ninja Garden”.  Man, people are ruthless when it comes to those little colorful eggs. This year, they’ve introduced a mount. This mount is either found in an egg or can be purchased with 500 chocolates, which are also found in eggs. I was ‘lucky’ and got my mount on about my 400th egg. It was still a few hours of camping and elbowing with my little gnome arms to get that damn mount.  And you know what? It’s ugly. Nothing to it. A plainstrider. A white plainstrider. What a let down, Blizzard.

3. Now on to food stuffs.
I am slowly but diligently working my way towards vegetarianism/raw foods and avoiding dairy, but not quite to a vegan standpoint. This decision was not made lightly, as I am a meat eater. I could eat a steak every single day. It’s only been two weeks, but I’m rocking it.
For years, I have suffered from endometriosis. Anyone else who had this disease understands the unexplainable pain I go through. Over the years, I’ve had 7 surgeries. My first at 18 and last at 24, which ended with a complete hysterectomy. Two years later, at 26, I am still in a considerable amount of pain. Now, I’m not going to delve into that as that’s not what this blog is about. I have decided to change my diet in attempt to alleviate the residual pain I have and to lose the weight I’ve gained from all the surgeries which consequently resulted in a lot of sitting around eating junk because I didn’t have the energy to cook. (And a lot of gaming, I might add.)
So far, it’s been fairly okay. Luckily, I absolutely adore tofu. Any way I can get it. Nom nom.
It has also been fun experimenting with foods I’ve never cooked with. Quinoa is delicious! I just tossed it with some balsamic and olive oil with red onions, tomatoes and feta. Amazing. I can already tell quinoa is going to be a staple. 
The other main thing I’m trying to avoid is anything refined or unnecessarily processed. This is going to be tough as I am a major chocaholic. I seriously have a problem. I have been strong, but I purchased some Newman-O’s from the organic section and had a couple this evening. Tasty and not guilt-ridden.

I will try to post more often on my progress with foods and more on gaming adventures/opinions. And always, tattoo pictures.
I also will be a bit more detailed with my gaming notations. 3:00am is a hard time to break anything down into writing. 😀

I’m sleepy. Night night time for me.

SevyJane, signing off.

*Edited to fix sleepytime typos*